A clothing brand that doesn't encompass a certain lifestyle rather it focuses on the freedom of individuality and the ability to reach success in their own right and perfecting their craft. Thus we give you THE BEARDED CHIEFS. A positive mindset for a positive movement!

The Bearded Chiefs  was created by a couple of brothers with deep roots in sports, a passion for competing and a drive for motivating each other to be better than yesterday. But why stop with just us, we wanted to spread the vibes with the world, no matter the lifestyle. We are a clothing brand, but we wanted to create something that ran deeper than what you put on, but more so what you put out each and everyday! A strong mindset can accomplish even the greatest odds and that's what The Bearded Chiefs represents. A beard in most ways represents the different people we come across in the sense that not all beards are the same, just like not all people are the same as well as the struggles they may be enduring. But what is the same is the end game and where we strive to be and that is what the chief represent, the constant strive day in and day out for better.





The Bearded Chiefs logo shows off the simplicity of the brand yet offers a deep three part meaning that focuses on adding fuel to the fire within the mind . The beard of course, representing the different people and the lifestyles they come from along with the struggles they may endure. The lotus headdress symbolizes beauty can blossom from any surroundings. The circle represent you and everything within your range from friends and family to work ethic, passion and pride.